MAXOAK CPAP Battery Backup Review

There are several options to supply your CPAP with battery power, but which is the best? We’ve reviewed the MAXOAK CPAP battery backup and are definitely impressed with what it has to offer. If you’ve been shopping around for a CPAP battery backup supply, I’d recommend this review before making a decision.

What do you consider the most important factors when buying a battery backup power supply for CPAP? I’d think long working time would be at the top of the list. Portability could be almost as important, especially if you’re going to be traveling with your CPAP. Reliability and safety, should also be of great importance. The MAXOAK CPAP battery backup incorporates all these and more. These are the reasons why I’d recommend this battery backup for anyone looking for the best solution.

The manufacturers claim up to six days backup for a CPAP machine. While this is a little optimistic, it is possible. Of course for the best battery times, the quoted stats are with the dehumidifier and heating switched off. They’ve also set the CPAP to fixed low pressure. These are power saving methods that provide the best battery backup times.

Under these conditions, they have achieved amazing results as listed below for various compatible CPAP models:

​Using auto, or higher Psi settings, humidifier, and heater, will reduce battery backup time, on average, to around 20 hours (approximately 3 nights).

The MAXOAK battery backup is supplied with connectors for most popular CPAP machines. These include those listed above. The manufacturers appear to be very willing to help customers find connectors that may not be supplied with the battery backup system. The battery backup can supply DC 12V (5A), 15V (4A), and 24V (4A).

The MAXOAK also has 2 X 5V USB outlets. One of these is a fast-charging 2.4A USB port. So you can also use it charge phones, laptops, and tablets. Well, any USB device.

The MAOAK CPAP battery backup weighs only 4.1 pounds and has a handle which makes it easy to carry like a portable radio. Dimensions are: L: 8.7”; W: 2.5”; H: 7.9”. It really is a take anywhere multi-purpose battery backup power supply. 

The MAXOAK CPAP battery backup supply displays a high level of quality. When it comes functionality and reliability, this little powerpack can’t be faulted. Receiving ​good customer ratings on Amazon goes a long way in convincing me that most people agree, this is a great product. It comes with a 12-month warranty and the MAXOAK support team seem to be friendly and eager to help with all customer queries. 

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