Why Use a Sump Pump Cover?

A sump pit cover may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience. In some areas, though, covering a basement sump mandatory. If you’re wondering why you might need a sump basin cover, this is where you’ll find the answer. 

Keeps the Sump Safe and Clean

Covering your sump ​p​ump prevents junk from falling into it. It also helps keep dirt and dust out. By preventing solid objects from falling into the sump, your pump is protected from the harm that may result. 

Children and pets may also find their way into the basement. An open sump can be dangerous, so it’s best to keep it covered.

Controls Odors

Water stagnating in the sump basin can become quite nasty, releasing a foul or musty odor. A sump cover will help keep the bad odor from making the basement, possibly even your home, an unpleasant place to be. 

Damp Control

In warm weather, the water inside your sump will evaporate and then condense along the walls of your basement and the ceiling. This will cause damp and mold, which is obviously something we all want to avoid. A sump pit cover will keep the moisture where it belongs, inside the sump. 

Pump Noise

A sump pump can be irritating in terms of noise levels. A sump cover will help block this noise.

Controls Radon Gas

Radon is a hidden danger in the soil. This toxic gas is odorless and colorless. It will, therefore, easily enter the basement undetected. It is likely that radon gas can rise out of the sump drain. A sump cover is, therefore, a necessary safety feature in your home, keeping this unwanted gas from rising into the air that you breathe.

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